10 Ways Men Behave & Act When Their Heart Isn't Really With You

This shoudn't be a news to all ladies but a Wise dating tips before you start forcing yourself on that man you think cares about you. Many ladies suffer heart breaks at early stage of dating because they fail to understand what they want or what there man wants. So are some tips to help you before you either start dating or dating someone you dont understand their feelings about you.

This are the 10 Ways Men Behave & Act When Their Heart Isn't Really With You

1. He calls you when the weather reports, "Cold"

If the number of times he called and you visited are more in the rainy season than in the dry, my sister, pack your load and go.

2. He abhors the thought of you seeing his parents.

Why shouldn't he? Your mission is quite different from that of a true wife material. At this point, stop quarrelling him and going all military. Cristiano Ronaldo, among the women he dated, he picked Georgina. The young lady who wore his medal on Champion's League night. Why? That one is cool-headed. They're about getting married finally.

3. He spends heavily on you, frivolously but barely discuss anything serious with you.

Serious talk is from the heart. If he doesn't give you that privilege, forgerrit! He has friendzoned you, spending on you notwithstanding. No 'customer' talks politics with a 'lady of the night'.

4. If you've seen him with a girl but he keeps giving excuse for her.

He loves her more than you. Your time is short. Love makes excuse for others.
He's just waiting for the day you'll read the handwriting on the wall and kick yourself out.
It's pretty situational.

5. If you see him play freely with other girls but with you, he's always serious.

I guess you turned him into that. Maybe he's just managing you as you are not ready to let him live out his true self. He will soon respectfully dump you. You barely smile. Always pressing yourself and would nag him when he does same. You're just an Overload, honestly.
He can't even fart in peace, in his own house. Just coman be going! SMH!

6. If he keeps [REPEATEDLY] breaking appointments without remorse.

Maybe, just maybe you don't mean the world to him. If you're that important, he'll make out time. If not, he'll make excuses and keep at it. You are a boring entity.

7. If when he was broke, you broke his heart. Now's he's made it. You ran back like a lost puppy. If he welcomed you without expressing displeasure, don't be fooled. He's not the 'Prodigal son's Father'.
He'll revenge. No love!

8. If he OFTEN doesn't return your missed calls in less than 24 hours. Stop asking why he didn't do it. Smell the coffee baby.

You called him by 8:07am and he's returning your call by 9:07pm with a weak voice and a good creative lie. Forgerrit! You are in OYO state.

9. If he talks less with you but his hands moves faster around your body. That's what you're there for.

You know, girls will always give sex for love.
When the guy is on bed and on heat; she wants to discuss about his mom who is sick in the village and how she is the only one saddled with that burden. With his hands moving around, he's like, "Are you her father?" The difference is If he had you in mind, he would listen to you. He will control his orgy for awhile.

10. If he hasn't ever TRULY and CONFIDENTLY opened up to you about a major challenge (Financial, Spiritual, Material, Health-wise etc). He doesn't see you as one capable of handling his secrets. Thus, you are no wife material to him.

If he's not sure you'll understand when he tells you, 'Because I'm broke, I can't foot that bill.' AND You act as if you don't care or understand, Then it's certain he doesn't genuinely love you. You're still outside the walls of his heart because you're still looking for a man to come sweep you off your feet OR maybe living in fantasy.

You can add yours!

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