Femi is however lucky in the sense that, his wife has been taking care of his two children from two women. He says, his wife has been taking the pains, well not pains, that she has accepted the joy of dropping off his kids at school and tries all her best to unite his family.
He also spoke about s3x, saying s3x in marriage is very important and he encourages couples to digg has many times has possible. He ended it by saying, it pains him when people say they broke up because of s3x! Lol, but wait do people break up because of s3x? Hahaha dead, dead!
“Marriage is something that you have to be very diplomatic about. You have to be very careful and know what you are doing because it has its ups and downs. No marriage is perfect. Some people think that marriage is all about money but it is not. It takes God and the couple to understand each other. Some people talk about Cheat!ng in marriage and that is why I sang in my song, ‘Igbeyawo,’ that women should not starve their husband of $ex. If you do that, it would bring problems in your home. I don’t want lack of s*x to be a problem in my marriage. Any time my wife wants to have s*x, I would always give it to her, at any time.
“S*x should not be the problem. Money could cause problems but don’t let s*x be the problem. Get close to your wife and try to understand when she needs it. As a wife, you also need to know when your husband needs to have $ex. It pains me when I hear that lack of $ex is the cause of some people’s marital crisis. I would rather hear a woman say that she wants her husband to work harder.”
The singer told Saturday Beats that he kept his court wedding to himself because he was involved in a lot of controversies at that time. He further hinted that his white wedding which is coming up in November would be an amazing experience.
“I kept my court wedding under wraps because I was in a lot of controversies during that period and I was also trying to work on my management. I was working on my brand image as well. My wife is a very private person and if we had made it public, it would have worked against us because sometimes when you share information like this, anything can happen. I tried as much as possible to keep it to myself especially because my wife loves her privacy.
It was my idea to make it private and when I spoke to my wife about it, she agreed. At the end of the day, the information still leaked. I am still going to have an elaborate white wedding in Nigeria on November 25. I could have decided to do the wedding outside Nigeria but I am a man of the people. When I got to the event centre, I told them that I would be expecting at least 2,000 people but they told me that they believe that at least 3,000 people would be at the wedding, so they volunteered to cater for the other 1,000 people that may come for the wedding free of charge.
My wedding is going to be amazing and it would be strictly by invitation. I already have a song about wedding and people would want me to perform on my wedding day but I would do something different,” he said.
The Mr. Gomina singer who already has two children from two women explained how his wife has been able to unite the family. “There is one great thing I love about my wife, she is very respectful. If you respect people, they would return the same gesture. I love her for the fact that she has the ability to unite my family.
Whenever she is talking to my baby mamas, she respects them and they respect her in return. She takes care of my two children as if they are hers. She takes them to school and even represents them if need be. She advises them and she is so supportive. She is hard working. Although she has her Master’s degree from a school in London, she is also full of ideas. She is someone I can talk to about some business ideas and she would listen and understand,” he said

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