Looking at the way some glo is this days and how it sweeps our data and the way our data get finished this days because of our gadgets recent updates to latest version of apps especially WhatsApp apk which needs update almost every month. Here is a free browsing trick thay someone came up with and i feel i should share it with my Audience.  Pictures are below incase you dont understand it.

Follow the steps below to Start Browsing Free of Charge with Glo cheats.

DOWNLOAD Anonytun VPN from play store or skip this if you have it installed on your device already .

Then set it up like it is in my screenshot below.

Click on stealth settings and set it up like in this screenshot.

Screenshot_20171102-090312.png-Glo Unlimited Free Browsing For November 2017 

Click on edit custom TCP/http headers then set it up like the screenshot below

Screenshot_20171102-090328.png-Glo Unlimited Free Browsing For November 2017 

Then click on generate ,then save.

Go back to the app main activity screen and click on connect.. Wait for some seconds for it to connect.

Screenshot_20171102-093946.png-Glo Unlimited Free Browsing For November 2017 

Happy browsing guys.

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  1. Kindly proceed with this incredible work and I anticipate a greater amount of your magnificent blog entries.

  2. Thanks for the comment.. Hope you followed my blog for more updates.thanks


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We love to hear Your taught!!!

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