Brothers in the house, I know you've long anticipated this. But I hope I don't get stoned by my fellow single ladies because I'm about to do the worst thing they can ever think of.

Now I know you're expecting me to talk about her cooking skills, how importantly she takes her looks or how neat she is. But No, like always I would unveil to you the most shocking mystery you never thought of.

I must warn you, girls are as good as you are when it comes to pretending so always watch closely or you will end up marrying the opposite of what she presented herself as.

Firstly, How often does she smile?

Mind you, you are looking for the best person to carry your children, so things like this shouldn't be overlooked and when I say smile, I am not talking about a beam or laughter. But SMILE! Also, does her eyes light up when she smiles? Maybe when she is talking about her pet or siblings or her parents.

 If her smile is angelic, go for her because when beauty fades, when sickness comes or when things are rough, you have something to always light up your day. That way, you wouldn't have to think of jumping over the Lagos third mainland bridge everytime you pass by.

Secondly, How she spends.

Hey, look this way!  If you'd girl cannot manage your money well, no matter how rich the both of you are, what's the possibility that she will be able to manage a home. No offence but if she spends your money on makeup maybe it's high time you reminded her that her beauty depends on her genetic make up and her child will not look like the different colours she caked up her face with.

Thirdly, How she eats.

If your girlfriend doesn't eat well, run away. In fact I can even advise you to marry a foodie than to marry one who doesn't eat. How will she satisfy your baby that she will be carrying in her womb?  How will she even satisfy you? Well except you want you and your kids to suffer from malnutrition, then you can go ahead. But I tell you someone who eats well won't spend your money on hospital bills. The country is even too hard to be spending hard earned money on drugs.

Fourthly, How good is she in problem solving.

Don't be blinded by that British accent or excellent vocabulary. If she is uneducated but can effectively solve a problem, then go for her. You are not marrying a marketer. She should be able to profer solutions to even the least of your problems. You will definitely meet challenging situations in marriage, marry someone who is up for it.

In addition, Marry a woman with good memory.

You know those girls that forget almost everything like they have minor amnesia, please excuse them. Those are the ones that will forget the hospital card at home in times of emergency.

Further more,  Does she exercise often?

Girls that exercise are more responsible, self driven and have self control. Is she trying to maintain her weight? Lose fat?  Gain a flat stomach? Stamina? Or even Butt workout?  Marry someone who exercises her body. Your marriage needs a pillar and you don't want a weak one.

Finally,  is she prayerful?

I know most of you don't want a overly religious or spiritual person but you need a prayerful wife. Ask your dad how he was able to overcome the harsh side of life and he will tell you the answer lies within those prayers of your mum. You remember how she wakes you up with her loud cries to God at midnight? Look at where you are now. You definitely don't want to marry a prayerless wife. Trust me.


We love to hear Your taught!!!

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We love to hear Your taught!!!

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