When Ayra Starr called herself a sabi girl on Rush, she knew exactly what she was saying. And she’s gone ahead to prove it in numerous ways, from her fashion sense to incredible music videos, and now, her latest single, Sability.

The song is a self-hype anthem. Ayra spends two minutes 47 seconds reminding everyone that she didn’t call herself “sabi girl” just because.

But while the general public has fallen in love with the song, people keep asking what the lyrics actually mean.

As members of the Sabi Nation, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to break them down and clear all the confusion in your minds.

E le oh 

Dey greet everybody for here oh

Padi jo sé sé pele oh 

Mo ti so fun won tele oh

Ayra starts by introducing herself to those who might not be clear who exactly she is, warning them of what’s to come.

Belle oh 

Deliver like I get belle oh 

Them say I Dey go cele oh 

Them say I Dey go cele oh

A literary queen, Ayra is simply here to let us know that, like a pregnant woman in labour, she has no choice but to deliver smash hits the way she does. Then just because she can, Ayra reminds us about all the times people said she attends the celestial church simply because she calls herself a celestial being.

Espiritu Fortuna

I go make you jo dada

Shey you getty the power

Sweet passi, amala ketu

She warned us before, but just in case we thought she was joking, Ayra serves one last warning: the song will be sweeter than amala from Ketu and will make us dance the night away.

Shinji kagawa 

Jesu kristi loba wa

Gat dem falling yakata

You know as e sabi girl dey do

Now, for the part that really shows the sability of our Sabi President. Ayra Starr compares herself to football legend, Shinji Kagawa, then gives all the glory to Jesus for making her the sabi girl with the ability to make everyone fall yakata on the dance floor.

Sability is a bop and a half. And after rinsing this song like thick jeans, we’re convinced Ayra Starr’s sabi girl title isn’t just by mouth because, Ayra, why do you cook like this?

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