IDF Using Flyers, Text Messages And Phone Calls To Instruct Gazans On Evacuation

The IDF is now beginning to drop flyers in eastern Rafah, send text messages, and make phone calls to Palestinians with instructions on the zones that need to be evacuated and which routes to take to a designated humanitarian zone.

The evacuation order only applies to some of the eastern neighborhoods of Rafah for now, and not the entire city in southern Gaza.

The IDF publishes a map showing the zones

The military in a statement says that “in accordance with the approval of the political echelon, the IDF calls on the population, which is under the control of Hamas, to temporarily evacuate from the eastern neighborhoods of Rafah to the expanded humanitarian zone.”

“This matter will progress gradually, according to an ongoing assessment of the situation,” it says.

The expanded humanitarian zone in the al-Mawasi and Khan Younis areas includes field hospitals and tent camps for displaced Palestinians, with the IDF saying “there has been a surge of humanitarian aid going into Gaza” recently.

The Kerem Shalom Crossing with southern Gaza still remains closed following yesterday’s deadly Hamas rocket attack on troops in the area, but it may open following a new assessment of the situation.

The military says it will still try to maintain the supply of humanitarian aid at the same level despite the closure of the crossing. Other crossings will remain open, as work continues on the construction of the Americans’ floating pier in central Gaza.

The IDF will continue pursuing Hamas everywhere in Gaza until all the hostages that they’re holding in captivity are back home,” it adds.

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