The foundation of every loving relationship is based on a genuine respect, faithfulness and
steadfast trust in your partner, but recently, there have been so much complaints from guys that they always get themselves entangled with ladies that have a life full of promiscuity and debauchery, to put it frankly, promiscuous ladies.

I know these are the types of ladies who typically aren't the type of ladies any right thinking man will want to spend the rest of his life with.

1. Money-mongers

They don't want to be a part of any struggle as they prioritize materials and comfort more than anything. They spend a lot of money to dress down casually with the high-end designer labels, creams, makeups, butt and bosom pads. No matter how financially supportive their boyfriends can be to them, they are always ready to dump them and go in pursuit of anything on trouser just to satisfy their insatiable desire. They are never faithful to their partners due to their materialistic nature coupled with the fact that they worship at the altar of money

2. The Motor Obsessed

They enjoy roaming around town in the big fancy vehicle and gathering all attention because, to them, that is enjoyment and fulfillment. They often say they can't stoop so low to date a guy who doesn't own a car and thus live by this standard. It doesn't really matter whether the car is Peugeot 504, Parsat, Volkswagen Beetle or Volvo, as long as it has four tires and can transport them to the places they want, they are cool with it. When you find yourself entangled with a lady that is obsessed with cars, consider yourself single because you risk a chance of losing her to a car owner especially if you don't have one.

3. The Joystick Obsessed

This may sound weird but believe me, not all girlfriends sleep around for money or material things. Some actually do that because of their insatiable sexual desires. For a girl that so much loves the pleasures of joysticks, this can be a very difficult transition because she will definitely seek out partners to fill her needs in your absence. Some of them can even sleep riff raffs and claim it was rape.

4. The Owambes

These are party freaks. They always want to be the centre of attention everywhere they go and will always do anything to have it. They attend wedding ceremonies looking 100% artificially dressed. They take more photographs than the bride and won't let photographers rest. As they are taking these pictures, they are going straight to their social media page with immediate effect where they tag all their village people. When you're dating an owambe lady, you're only labouring for another man to eat.

5. Feminists

Feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” A good thing, right? In theory, yes. But these days, I feel that feminism’s underlying message has been forgotten and replaced with some seriously troubling ideas such as "promiscuity and hypocrisy". Recently, girls are taught by feminism that sleeping around is somehow “empowering,” and that's why they always take side with promiscuous women. The characters they posses are arrogance, pride and they always want to the boss in the relationship. When a lady is claiming to be a feminist but simultaneously and actively participate in infidelity, it's a big sign of “hypocrisy".

6. "I don't put all my eggs in one basket" Crew

It's very shameful that some often say they owe no man loyalty and faithfulness in as much as he has not paid their bride price. Even though they admit to be in relationships, they still keep multiple sex partners under the guise of "I can't put all my eggs in one basket"; what if the guy fuccks up? Will I start chasing men?. Any lady with the mindset that she owes no man loyalty and faithfulness because she's not yet married to usually sleep with other guys as a form of proving to herself that she is still desirable, and thus validating herself.

7. Gluttons/Food Freaks

They like food more than every other thing and can eat fifteen wraps of fufu and will still be demanding for more. They find it very difficult to refuse going on a date with an interested suitor or open up to him they are in a relationship knowing fully well that they stand a very good chance of stomach infrastructure especially in exotic places like Mr. Biggs, KFC, Sweet Sensation, etc. Such girlfriends can easily be lured to bed with a plate of food.

8. Unnecessarily Secretive Ladies

If your girlfriend typically has a
million complaints about you checking her phone thereby calling you insecure for altering her privacy, this is a red flag. This is a sign that indicates a girlfriend that cheats or permit me to say, sleeps around. She could be having an intimate chat with another dude on how she enjoyed having sex with him which she doesn't want you to see.

9. Attention Seekers

Her relationship status changes from single to engaged, married to complicated every week. Her relationship status on social media changes like disco light because she doesn't even know what she wants. Even their boyfriends can't question them because they are the boss in the relationship.

10. Celebrity Freaks

Most ladies that droll over celebrities are usually promiscuous ladies and this is very evident in public shows. When some of them attend shows with their boyfriends, they shamelessly come on stage stripping themselves unclad for a performing artist. This reminds me when I took my ex to a show and she fainted when Saheed Osupa was performing on stage. I just shook my head and that was the end of the relationship.

Source: Tosyn2much blog

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