Google launches an Online Digital Training For Africans

Google launched an online Digital Training, proposed to train as many staff and students in africa as possible. 
I am currently doing my own online in my office. It has not been easy for me but i guess its will be very good if you  know about Digital training. The best part of it is that you can add it to your CV too to boost your curriculum vitae.
Below are some of the benefits of the training include:
  1. Learn why small business owners should consider online presence
  2. Learn how the digital technology affects businesses
  3. Learn how to develop an online strategy for businesses 
  4. Learn the digital marketing tools available to grow business, etc.
  5. Encourage entrepreneurship among young people.
  6. Help them identify the right kind of digital job or business for them
  7. Teach them how to attract the attention of potential employers or markets and convince them that they are the ones they should employ or do business with.
Requirement for Digital Training online.
  1. For registration you need a google account.
  2. You will have to answer some questions before the real lesson starts.
  3. You will need an internet service to be online.
  4. Internet service to stream the video or if you dont have data, read the transcript.
  5. The lesson has so many stages and you must pass all sections.
  6. The link below will take you to the place

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